Reliant mutual benefits Nidhi limited

(Non-Banking Company, Controlled by ministry of co-operate affairs Govt. of India)

Non Banking is an indigenous kind of financing that is widely used in Kerala. It’s a hybrid product that starts out as a deposit and then transforms into a loan over time. We continue to add new milestones with every passing year and create new opportunities from there.

We accentuate on establishing long-term relationships with our clients and this approach has helped us acquire and retain customers across different sectors and segments likes Bricks Factory, Spices & Masalas, Gold Loan Company, Rice Products, Food Business etc. Our pledge to excellence and customer satisfaction has led to repeat corporate with our clients and has been the cornerstone of our growth to a new service called Reliant mutual benefits Nidhi limited.

10 Years+ Service

1 Lakh+ Satisfied Customers

50Cr+ Deposites

Trusted Partner

Why Us?

We assist Thousands of people in realising their financial goals.

We provide customers with well-designed and transparent chit plans, as well as assistance with their varied financial requirements. Our cutting-edge operating methods and specialised services will meet the demands of our customers in a timely and professional manner. Our Chit Schemes come with a lot of lenient terms and conditions, quick paperwork, and simple payback choices.

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